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Upcoming Events

New Mexico Ballet Company presents


"The Nutcracker Ballet"

with live music from the New Mexico Philharmonic

November and December 2023

Popejoy Hall 

Albuquerque, New Mexico


Tickets go on sale in September!

In the Media

Dance Magazine: "8 Questions to Ask When Considering a Pre-Pro or Trainee Program."


"Claire Peoples, who was a trainee with Boston Dance Theater and Confluence Ballet Company before joining New Mexico Ballet Company, recommends framing the question around your personal goals and how a program can help achieve them. “The temtation is to go with the program that’s the most prestigious-sounding, but that isn’t always going­ to be the environment you thrive in,” she says. “Someone might do better in a program with a company that’s smaller but they’re getting more one-on-one time than they would in a huge trainee program.”

article by Rachel Rizzuto. To read the article in full, click the image to the right. 


DanceATL: "Graduating class of 2020 dances into uncertain future with creativity, poise." 

(excerpt edited for clarity): 

"Collectively, the student and faculty artists interviewed for this piece are recreating dance as an art form in order to get through and to document this crisis. They are reconsidering who gets to decide what takes place in the classroom, even as they are discovering all the possible venues for dancing and learning in the world beyond stage and studio. With resilience and creativity, they are carving a path forward for themselves, their institutions and the Atlanta dance community.

With the abrupt transition to online learning, faculty and students alike scrambled to revise their spring semester objectives. Dance faculty empowered students by presenting them with choices. Should classes be live or prerecorded? What exercises should be included?  How can we revamp assignments?

UGA senior Claire Peoples said that before the COVID-19 crisis, she had never felt this level of control over her college education. In the shift to accommodate the emerging public health crisis, educators adopted new strategies that broke down familiar hierarchies, creating more dialogue and a shared responsibility in the teacher/student dynamic."

article written by Ashley Gibson and Robin Wharton .


The Red and Black: "UGA dance students showcase semester-long project in Young Choreographer’s Series"

(excerpt edited for clarity):

"The Young Choreographer’s Series gave Claire Peoples, a senior dance major from Roswell, Georgia, the opportunity to choreograph her first full-length group piece last year. Titled “feathered,” the piece consisted of five dancers and one featured soloist. Peoples’ artistic vision for the piece was to display a person’s experience going through the five stages of grief. 

“Even if [the audience] doesn’t understand what your inspiration is, they can tell what was made with intention,” Peoples said. 

This year, Peoples choreographed the piece “and it will be found again.” The piece was the show’s opener, and began with an empty stage and a cloud of mist. The dancers trickled in as the music begins, and their movements became more powerful with the group lifting a dancer at various crescendos in the music.

In comparison to last year’s show Peoples said there was a lot more collaboration between her and her dancers during the choreography process."

article written by Nina Bayani.

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