"and it will be found again"

premiered November 2019 at the Young Choreographers Series: Senior Exit Concert. Athens, GA

Senior thesis project fufilling BFA requirement for the University of Georgia. 

Dancers: Julia Patterson (soloist), Rose Sebaugh, Danielle Hoyle, Ellie Memory, Rosie Kitchens, and Emily Willett 

Music: Zoe Keating, Max Richter, and Dustin O'Halloran 

Lighting Design: Jacquelyn Kibbe 

Both videos can be found below! 



premiered November 2018 at the Young Choreographers Series; Athens, GA 

Dancers: Claire Korfas (soloist), Hannah Carlin, Nieya Amezquita, Emily Treanor, Kristin Jaspers, Julia Patterson

Music: Keaton Henson feat. Ren Ford, The Vitamin Spring Quartet (The Beatles) 

Lighting Design: Jacquelyn Kibbe 

Both videos can be found below! Films courtesy of University of Georgia Department of Dance.  

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